Intruder Alarms

From a simple decoy bell box on the outside of your building to deter any would be intruder to a fully bespoke system with all the latest technology. We can design, install and maintain your Intruder alarm systems for both Domestic and Commercial premises. We can advise on the best type of system to suit your needs and budget. 

All our Monitoring and Maintenance packages come with a fixed transparant price so you will always know how much and what is included. 

EMM alarm products

Wired Alarms

Most new builds come with a pre wired home. If you premises is pre wired this will be very cost effect compared to a Wireless system. 

A wired system provides a hard wired connection between the control panel and the detection devices with no need for any batteries.

Wireless Alarms

Wireless alarm systems are popular because theyre quick and easy to install and are not restricted by positioning of any wires. Most detection devices will be slightly larger due the the accomdation of a battery inside the housing. 

Hybrid Alarms

Hybrid alarm systems are a combination of using both wired and wireless devices on a system.

One side of the premises may be hard wired while the extension wasn’t wired during the building or a cable got damaged or cut along the way. Or if you wanted the shed alarmed on an esisting wired alarm system, a wireless detection device would be perfect. 

Senior Care Alarms

Along with added discounts to the senior members of the public who avail of our Monitored home Alarm systems, we can also provide personal care monitoring. Consisting of a Base unit and a portable pendant that can be worn on the wrist or on a neck chain. Pressing of a single button will send an immediate call for assistance to our Monitoring Station Partner.

The Base unit features an advanced “Two Way Voice Communication”. It allows the Monitoring Station to listen in to what is happening on the clients side only when the system is activated or to talk to the client through the built-in microphone & speaker. Once the alarm is activated we will then be able to speak to them via the systems two way communications on the Base unit and establish whether it is a false alarm or if assistance is required and act accordingly, contacting the nominated key holders and emergency services where required.

Highly trained operators Monitor the Base Unit 24 hours a day, Every day.

GPS Tracking

Personal Safety App and Vehicle GPS Tracking

You can now have the comfort knowing that your Mobile phone can be used as your own Personal alarm and panic button. When logged in through our App you will have peace of mind knowing that there will always be someone looking after you to make you feel secure wherever you are. 

Whether you’re walking home from school, or coming back from having a night out. Getting a Taxi or a Bus to somewhere or being in a unfamiliar environment. 

With one Simple Shake of your Mobile phone when you’re logged in, video, voice and your location will be shown in our monitoring facilities to assess your situation and to escalate it to emergency services if needs be.

EMM Security can offer you a complete range of Web based GPS vehicle tracking systems and GPS Fleet Management solutions suitable for companies of any size and for all types of commerical vehicles.

Our GPS Tracking systems can be accessed on your smart phone, allowing you to monitor your fleet when you are on the move. Our GPS devices can be installed covertly and are tamper proof.