A 24/7 Montitored alarm system provides a higher level of security than an Unmonitored Alarm or even a Self Monitored alarm. 

The alarm is connected to our partners dedicated Monitoring Station 24/7, 365 days a year, so no alarm goes  ignored. This gives you the peace of mind knowing that in the event of your alarm activating, that there will always be someone to recieve the activation signal. 

From here our professionally trained operators will contact you, your key holders and/or the emergency services if required.

Type of activations our Monitoring Station will respond to are Intruder detection, panic alarms, fire alarms, medical alarms, temperature monitoring and flood detection.

We can monitor your alarm from as little as just €15 euro a month to have it professionally monitored 24/7.

If you’re currently paying more than this to other companies, call us today to arrange to have your current alarm system taken over by us and start saving you money each month.

Self monitored alarms are the next step up from an unmoitored alarm system. How it works is simply setting up an app on your smart phone and or tablet and having it connect to your alarm panel. From here you will have complete control over your alarm system. 

You will have access to features such as setting and unsetting your alarm from anywhere in the world. Access to logs to see who last set the alarm or to even check if the alarm has even been set at all. 

The alarm can send various types of notifications to your smartphone and or tablet such as Intruder detection, panic alarms, fire alarms, medical alarms, temperature monitoring and flood detection signals.

If your alarm currently doesnt have any app functionality, call us today and we will be able to set up an app feature to use on your smart phone and or tablet with your alarm panel

An unmonitored alarm is an alarm system that relies on just having a siren out the front and a flashing beacon to alert people in the local area that the alarm has activated. Becoming less popular as times go, this method is not as effective as a monitored system. 

If you currently have an unmonitored system and would like to have it monitored, call us today to discuss options that are available to have your alarm monitored from as little as €15 euro a month

A Complete Service for
true added value

At Emm Security, we like to be clear and transparent with our prices.


If you decide to go with Self Monitoring, the monthly fee is just €5 per month to be connected to our cloud based system. You will have full access to set and unset your alarm system. This fee does not include callout charges or parts replacement.

For peace of mind, if you go with a professionally 24/7 monitored alarm system. The monthly fee is just €15 per month. Your alarm system will be connected to a secure monitoring station and you will still have access to all the app features. This fee does not include callout charges or parts replacement. 

For complete peace of mind, for just €25 euro a month you will have a 24/7 monitored alarm with app functions for setting and un setting, yearly call out to service and maintain alarm system and parts replacement in the event something breaks down.

For added protection, we can offer you another package and you can take your monitored alarm with you on the go and use our monitored personal safety app. For more information, please email us at info@emmsecurity.ie